I'm writing. Cinderella reminds me that writing time is sacred time. I fear taking myself that seriously, but I need to take the process that seriously. It's crazy how much time one loses in teaching, planning workshops, attending to the needs of workshoppers, maintaining websites and answering mail, fielding grumbles whines cries love notes critiques complaints howls exploratory prods, editing, reviewing, writing blurbs, writing/answering incessant requests for letters of recommendation even from people one has met at a meeting once three years ago. Wow! Or, as they say in Mexico City, GUAU. I can see why people vanish to a cabin in Vermont. Gotta write. I forget to write in dealing with all the peripheral stuff. Must remember it's peripheral! Just: writing. Not career. Writing careers suck. Writing is the best job in the world, even if it's hard sometimes. Writing is play. Writing is lunch. Writing is a day in the woods. Sometimes, writing is the $%#@&*! treadmill. But this other stuff is a slow cascade of tapioca, covering the day like diabetic lava. Sweet, but it'll kill ya! So, back to work! Trying to make some good words for you to read!

A parting thought for today:

"When asked what I write about, I like to reply that 'about' is the wrong word, it suggests the wrong relationship. I prefer to say 'from' or 'toward' or occasionally 'through.'" --Kathleen Jamie

OK, y'all--I'm writing through. Thinking of you, even if I won't open my window when the pebbles hit the glass.



el poquito (not verified)

Now where does it say sacred = serious?

; )

Sylvan Woman (not verified)

Cinderella is right. Sacred time for an especially sacred story. I already have a supply of Kleenex for the next part of Teresita's journey.

White Eagle (not verified)

You're a large medium.

Keep on channeling Urrea.


kathryn (not verified)

Good one, Luis. We will be here, on the other side of the window, delighted to read your words when you've finished, amazed by what we will find--and knowing all along that it was well worth the wait.

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