My life in animal rescue


Sunday, after a blazing week of recording the audiobook of Queen of America.  I have been in the gorgeous high-tech recording studio in dntn Chi every day, bent to the mike with my engineer pals Mark and Jason, and Suzanne, intrepid long-distance producer on the phone line.  It is going very well.  I am happy to tell you I'm cranking it out like six crazy people.  I have to be my own theater troupe, play all the characters.  I didn't really ponder how much sexier this book is than, say, The Hummingbird's Daughter.  Or how romantic it is.  Dang if there isn't a lot of sensual romance in this book.  Well!  Think of it as my reading you a bed-time story, only, um, in bed.

Still, I'm the kind of guy who gets excited about things.  Like whispering in ears in bed.  But even more exciting to me than all the high-tech babbling and acting I'm doing is the other stuff.  Like the squirrel rescue.  An abandoned baby fox-squirrel came to Chayo in the back yard and asked to be saved.  He asked twice, so she came to get me.  He was in sad shape.  Flies were all over his tiny face, and he was weak and exhausted.  I wrapped him in a towel and held him and as soon as I stroked his head, he went to sleep.  Check him out:

We took him to the amazing Willowbrook Wildlife Center and they took him in, cleaned him up, put him in the incubator with some other abandoned babies, and gave him some delish baby formula.  They have their own forest preserve, and when the squirrels are old enough, they will be released in a gang to hit the trees together.  We'll actually get a graduation post-card to let us know he's on his way.  Felt like piles of good nature-karma sprinkling down on our fam.

This week, I'll finish the audiobook, and I'll head for AZ, where I'll swallow my general dread and address border issues at ASU on Thursday.  Here's the link:

From there, to beloved Vermont, to the Brattleboro literary festival.  Cinderella will meet me there for a fabu getaway--country drive, hotels, and Julia Alvarez.  What, are you kidding me?  How lucky can you get?  Here's the link for that:

I am also thrilled to be returning, finally, to San Diego.  I'll be doing a partay for Adventures by the Book, and the pachanga will certainly also addres the San Diego One Book celebration.  I will try to sneak to TJ while I'm there--I have a contract with a magazine to write a story down there.  It'll be a big time for us, I promise.  Although it'll cost you some bucks if you go, you'll get great eats and vino and books AND you'll be donating an additional book to the libraries and schools of One Book, One San Diego.  Here, dears, is the link for that:

There are many other things coming.  Keep an eye on the Calendar on the website.  We are about a month away from the hardcovers of Queen to starh appearing.  My publicity team is really revving things up.  So, you know, I have to do my part by making superhuman efforts, which I'm trying to do.  If you haven't, follow on Twitter, wouldja?  Help an hermano out.  @urrealism.  Also, give a thought to friending or liking my Facebook pages if you haven't.  The more the merrier.  Think of how happy you'll make my dear friends in NYC!

By the way--I'm so very excited that our fabulous webmasters are working on the Teresita area of the website, set to launch soon.  Photos, family testimonies, bibliography, links, and essays.  Watch for it.  Till then, I'll see you out there somewhere.  And later, I'll whisper in you ear.



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