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Just a few days ago, I was telling you that Little, Brown was shipping the International Edition of Hummingbird to the world. After I wrote that, I thought, Gee--that's pretentious-sounding. Almost immediately, however, I got a kind e-mail from India. This is like magic, this whole thing. Within a week of my seeing my first lil' "int. ed.", it got to New Delhi, went on sale, was bought and read, and I got a letter back. Doesn't that seem incredible? I can't quite get my head around it--how fast the world is now. And how, if you had found me in San Diego in 1982 and told me this would happen, I would have probably laughed in your face. Or fallen over in shock and jerked like a fish. It feels good to know that my words are traveling farther than I ever will.

Just a note to say...what, exactly? I don't know what I'm saying. Perhaps this: thanks.



Luis (not verified)

Thanks, Blogwalla. Can you believe I just figured out you can answer people right here?

Hey--keep doing what you're doing. Letters have impact. Many letters have much impact.

I also urge peole to support groups doing substantial work on the border. Humane Borders and Derechos Humanos are doing great things on the liberal front. I would urge people of a religious bent to support Spectrum Ministries Inc. in San Diego. The power of good preaching and real, effective works is incredible.

blogwalla (not verified)

Compa Luis -

A huge fan dropping you a line...

Hummingbird & Devil's Highway - both on the top of my list of favorite / important books.

In DH, you skillfully navigate around all the different forces at play on the border - enforcement / press / do-gooders / civilian groups (militias) / etc.

As someone who used to think about going down and setting out water and food for walkers (but never did it - left the country instead) - what do you suggest as a positive / beneficial action that citizens can take to improve the situation?

I've been organizing groups for years to write our congressman for a sensible border policy, but as we know, that's been to no avail.

How do we take action? Do we?



Torn Between Ideals

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